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Volume 1^(h):12 April, 1982 


and Kathe Jensen while there. Kathe is to be in 
Florida around that time. If anyone else will be 
around, please contact Kerry Clark or Steve Long 
to see if we can get together. 


I am looking for a way to keep the content of 
the Opisthobranch Newsletter sLmilar to past 
years ir. terms of open communications and 

gersonal notes. I hope that everyone will read 
r. Edmunds' comments and seriously consider the 
course the ON should take. As a pure information 
resource, I feel the ON has provided a most 
valuable service and it can continue to do so in 
the future. I would like to provide the 
publication forum as well but that will depend on 
the majority of you and what you feel is proper. 
I definitely do not want to lose the open comments 
on all aspects of opisthobranchs. 


From Bob Henderson (Pacific Bio-Marine Labs, 
Inc., P.O. Box 536, Venice, CA 90291): "I'm 
interested in finding out whether anyone else has 
run across incidences of color attenuation ^or 
loss as a function of increasing depth. I've 
collected a few specimens of deep water 
Archidoris which seem to point to this trend but 
not anywhere near enough to make any claims. I'd 
be intersected in any input on Archidoris or other 
dorid species." 


Here is the rest of the list of people I would like 
to have current addresses verified: 

Gloria Snivel y 

Dr. Gamil N. Soliman 

M. So rdi 

Sam Spaulding 

Mr. Gale Sphon 

Mike Spieth 

Joan Steinberg 

Cathy Lamar Stephens 

Linda L. Stephens 

Hugh M. Stirts 

V. Storch 

E.R. Strong 

M. Switzer-Dunlap 

Iwao Taki 

Dennis L. Taylor 

Dr. Dwight Taylor 

Ronald F. Thomas 

Dr. Thomas E. Thompson 

Christopher D. Todd 

Robert Trelease 

Richard K. Trench 

Ruth D. Turner 

V. Urgorri 

Nardo Vicente 

Howard Wachtel 

Edgar T. Walters 

S. Weaver 

U. Welch 

Gary Williams 

VJilkie A. Wilson 

Heinz G. Wolff 

Terufuiai Yamasu 

John Lee Yarnall 

Dr> David K. Young 

Sheldon Zack 

Dr. Bernhard Zoder 

Ronald Rutowski 

Department of Zoology 
Arizona State University 
Tempe, AZ 85281 

Roger D. Longley 

Alison J. Longley 

Friday Harbor Laboratories 

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 

Scott Johnson 

Mid Pacific Research Laboratory 

P.O. Box 1768 

APO San Francisco, CA 96555 

If you know of anyone with a continuing 
association or interest in opisthobranchs, please 
send me their current address and phone numbers 
where available. Please include thier current 
status and interest if known (eg -- Student, 
Professor, no interest, amateur) 


Bay Area Malacologists, Saturday, March 6. 
1982, 10am to Upm. First floor, SheU Building #8 
(Room 8ni), U.S. Geological Survey, 275 
Miridlafield Road, Menlo Park, California. Write 
or call for info: Gene Coan, 891 San Jude Ave., 
Palo Alto, CA 9^306, (415) 493-8242 (evenings). 
Sorry that I did not get this information out 

The American Malacological Union annual 
meetings will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 
1982; in Seattle, Washington, in 1983, and probably 
in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1984. For information on 
membership contact Dr. Robert Robertson, Depart- 
ment of Malacology, Academy of Natural Sciences 
of Philadelphia, 19th and the Parkway, Philadel- 
phia, PA 19103. 

Western Society of Malacologists annual 
meeting, University of Redlands, Redlands, 
California, June 20-23, 1982. For information 
contact: Ms. Kit Stewart, 19 La Rancheria, Carmel 
Valley, CA 93921. The call for papers is out now. 
Contact Dave Mulliner. 


10069 Bavendam, Fred, 198O.' Beneath Cold 
Waters: The Marine Life of New England. Down East 
Books, Casden, Maine, 127p. [A gorgeous book, 
cover to cover superb underwater color 
photography. JJJ. invertebrate phyla and fish 
covered. You've got to see it to believe it. 8x10 
color photos of Aeolidia papulosa, Coryphella 
verrucosa and Onchidoris bilasellata. Smaller 
photos of Cadlina laevis & Polycera dubia. 

10070 Kuppe-mann, I. & T.C. Carew, 1974. 
Behavior patterns of ApJ.ysia calif ornica in its 
natural environment, ^hav. Biol., 12:317-337. 

10071 Meinkoth, Norman A., 1982. Flsld Guide to 
Morth Ajaerican Seashore Creatures. The Audubon 
Society. Chanticleer Press, New York^ 798p., 690 
color photos. [31 opisthobranch species covered 
from two coasts of the US. 31 color photos of 
branchs. The book is very hard to use because 
the species are grouped by shape, a format the 
Audubon series has always used. In this case the 
nudibranch section includes flatworms and the 
cuctimber Parastichopus. One sea hare is even 
included with the anemones. Photographs are 
beautiful: familiar branchers providing photos 
include Hans Bertsch, Dan Gotshall & Dave 

>(.'!;. .\V.V...,;;|HVii;:^J^. ^^&:-..^^;•,■,■^;■Jlr- ,;yf, .u^,f;■.^ 

j NoLi^<^&<ip\ £>e(^T(Of^ 




V r^ 



■^ ; 


?*oXYCsr°3 CKi.hscr'i. Mspcus. 1^5' 


H. .•.■.; 

■■V r^veiii 





^' MAT. HIST. 



The Opistho!jranch_ newsletter is publisned by 
Steven J. Loh'k, 359 Roy croft Ave, tons: Beach, 
California 90S1M, USA. Telephone 213~^33-71^8 

or' Hj^—i'UciO, iiUDscnptxon 
per . cajp'fin"?^ v*'^? 



message rec 
r^ates "are $15.00 

Individuals and $17.50 per calendar y?sd.i- kut 
i::.:-t.itutions. The OpistiiobranclJ Newsletter i^ 
Issusd i-ii P3rt,-S st ir'rss'iilsr' intsrvals 3S rs-st^pria^ 
becoines available. 



Michael W. Haberland 

RostaEga pulclira^ MacFarland 190t>, is a comraon 
crj^ptobranoh dcrid nudibranch of the eastern 
Pacific ran.^in?? froa Vancouver Island, British 

(Marcus, 19'59). " 

Morphological and color descriutlons are 
;'--orted bv Marcus, 1959| MacFarXandj 1956? 
■^cDonald. 1Q77; 'Rehr^ena, 1980; Morris et al^ 1Q80; 


and Mybakken, lyo 

;he bodv of 

, Figure 2j} 
ibove 20-^4 

Hostanga pulcnra is elliptical with botn anterior 
tHg posterior ends rounded. Sfflall liisDid 
papillae witih glandular tips (caryop?hyllidia) 
cover the dorsum and_ are strenghtened by 
s;n '"ounding spicules., The rhinophores of this 
soeaies are unique (see BehrenSj 19 
with a 0Y3j.ndrical extension, set 
nearly vertical lamellae. The general body color 
.:-f Rostanga pulehra has been reported to vary- 
from shades of aaliaon.} orange and bright red. 

On 15- August 198 Is one Smm specimen of Hostan^ 
ptilchra ?;^as collected in Morro Bay, Californiaj, 
which did not match the above color description. 
"he specimen was collected on a sand substrate at 
a depth of 6m directly under the Coast Guard pier. 
The body was almost colorless | the only 
distinKuiahlng coloration being a spot of white 
pigjsentation "on .the back of the rhinopbores 
(Figure 1). AH other sorphological features 
agreed with those of a typical R. pulchra. 

Fifsure 1. Rninopnore 
puichra collected in 
Arrov-f ooints to o; 

of colorless Hastaaga 
Horro iiav, California. 

fj'iis deoarturs 

>5 tiames L»^r; 

Due t 
colore d M -J a \.; 
of OceanoRr 

experience vjitn this spec 
concerning the po33ibJJ.ity c 
either an exotic or an intro 
reeommended that I examins 
papillae for the presence- 
similar to that observed on t 
coloration was observed. 

Specimens _of Hostasga 
northeastern r'acifiCo re^ar^ 
groursd color, appear bo'"sh; 
the marginal papillae bear 
contrast to those, covering 
This W.B.Y be u.sed as a di 
Add.itionallv5 some specimen 
soot about md^ay up the 

"^f £iH 

- rorn nio^e tv^icaiiv 

Soripps Institute 

!cause of his 

ies and his opinion 

jf ti'iis speciinen bein.i^ 

duced species. Lance 

the marginal rows of 

of white coloration 

Hg rhirophores K T'hi. s 

>aicnra i roja tm 

if th( 

are a comrson trait -- 

the notum in general. 

s bear an opaque white 


)avid W., 1980. Pacific Coast 

Ni«'3ibP"aFiCns" A Guijie to ths Ooi.^-bQbr'snchs of the 
Mortheastern Pacific, Sea Challengers, Los Csos, 

08023 MacFarland, Frank Mace, 1966. S:udifis of 
OpisthobraneMate Mollosks of the Pacific Coast 
of Sortb teerica. California Acad. Sci> 546p. 

09970 McDonald, Gary R.. 1977. A Review of the 
Nudibranchs >of the Caliiornia Coast. Hasters 
ThesisTcaiifornia'statr'UniV., Havward. 373p. „ 

10031 Mybakken, James i Gary McDonald, 19S1. 
Feeding Mechardsms of 'West .aserican Nudibrancbs 

reeam.g on bryosoa, 
Soecial Resoect to 

Cnidaria, and Ascidiacea, with 


e nadula. Halacolcgia, 

01433 Marcus, arnat, 19bQ. Laaellaria cea und 

Ooisthobranchia. Reports of the 

Lund Univ. Chile 

Exoed. 1948-19^9- Ho", db. Lands Oniv. Arsskr. M.F. 
(2) 55(9)r5-135, 'fi.i',s« 1-V96. 

Om990 Morris, Robert H., Donald P. Abbott and 
Eusene C. Haderlie, 1980. .Tntertddal Inverte- 
brates of Caii.iOrriial Stanford Univ. Press. 69Co, 

Volume 14(5):14. 


I have completed work on the new list combining 
branch references from volumes 1-23 of llie 
Veliger and am adding in volume 24. The project 
has many hours' work and has had to fit in with a 
job change and other happenings in ray life. 
Carlton's list and Behrens* list have been 
inciuded [June 20, 1982] and I have printed a few 
sets which are available at $4.95 each plus sales 
tax for California residents and $1.00 for airmail 
postage. This will only be available a supplement 
because of the size and printing costs. I will 
print only as many copies as I have received 
requests for prior to printing. 

I welcome additional lists and card files of 
taxonomic and subject information. They will be 
compiled into future supplements. 


From Dave Behrens: Comment on Malcolm Edmunds' 
letter -- "The Opisthobranch Newsletter is in its 
. fourteenth year. Although not necessarily on the 
shelves of all major universities it has had wide 
distribution among branchologists worldwide, and 
is found in institutional libraries where active 
branch researchers reside, particularly in the 
western USA. I was unaware that it was the ON's 
policy not to publish papers, and on the contrary, 
solicitations have appeared several times in the 
past few years inviting manuscripts on all 
opisthobranch issues, short of species descrip- 
tions. I believe that the size and significance 
of the contributions will be metered by the value 
the author places upon his paper and his opinion 
of the ON as the proper place for itc publication. 
Those papers to appear during the past two — 
three years seem to me to be very appropriate. 

I would, however, recommend making arrange- 
ments for "Bio abstracting" of ON publications 
when they appear, to provide wider exposure. 
Concerning the concept of the newsletter as a 
source to exchange ideas and views -» any 
sounding board is only as good as its 
contributors. I am highly disappointed at the 
lack of support given the ON from my fellow 
coUeagues, particularly from foreign shores. 
The ON needs material to make it the publication 
that Dr. Edmunds, myself, and others wish 'it to be. 
In a way, we are all part of the newsletter. Steve 
prints what we give him. If we v.'ish to improve or 
purify the ON we need to contribute along these 
lines. — D.W. Behrens" 

From Kathe Jensen: "Sorry you couldn't make it 
to Florida while I was there. I had a pretty nice 
week there. I finished up a manuscript on the 
word-processor (of course, the word-orocessing 
system at CVI [College of the Virgin islands] is 
not compatible with the one at FIT [Florida 
Institute of Technology]), and I looked at a new 
ii^ysia sDc, which rCerry [Clark] or one of his 
students is going to describe. My species list of 
Asccglossa from St, Thomas is still increasing, 
but there are very few of each species, so I 
haven't been able to do much research. I still 
hope to get enough Oxynoe antillarum to make a 


thorough comparison with 0. azuropunctata. St. 
Thomas is the original locality for 0. aatillaruja 

but it doesn't seem to be very common. 

Considering Dr. Edmund's note, I tend to agree ■ 
with him. The ON should basically be a forum for 
exchange of news and comments, and not for 
publication of original material. It is not 
because I thdnk the standard of papers submitted 
to ON is lower than any other papers, but because ^ j 
ON reaches only a limited number of people (just ' 
look at the list of names of people you have lost 
contact with), and is published at rather j, 
irregular intervals. f 

Also, I (and probably many other "new" 
subscribers) would greatly appreciate it if you 
could print a current address list of present 
subscribers. This would greatly facilitate 
mailing reprints. 

After about June 1st, I will be back in Florida 
for the summer. I hope to combine a vacation in 
Denmark with the Anglo-French Malacological 
Symposium in London in September. After that I 
don't know what I'll, be doing." ~- Kathe Jensen 


Wesley M. Farmer 
U10 So. 1st St. Sd.182 
El Cajon, CA 92021 
(619) 588-8133 

David Garrett Cargo 

Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies 

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory 

University of Maryland 

Solomons, Maryland 

Joseph Warren Burnett 

Division of Dermatology 

University of Maryland School of Medicine 

Baltimore, Maryland 

Gil Gat 

72 South Africa Blvd. 

Ashqelon, Israel 78411 


The July meeting of the Conchological Club of 
Southern California was held en July 7* 1982, at 
the Los Angeles County Museum, of Natural History. 
Rin Brand (Underwater Photographic Society) 
showed slides of about thirty species of 
California Nudibranchs taken underwater with a 
Nikonos camera. Many of the photos were taken 
from the Channel Islands. 

The fifteenth annual meetings of the Western 
Society of Malacologists were held at the 
University of Redlands, Hedlands, Californ.ia. 
About 65 malacologists were in attendance. 

David Mulliner - "Update - Nudibranchia" 
presented current research in the Panaraj.c area. 
Leroy Poorman - "Molluscan Populations at Bahia 
San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico" included several 
observations on opisthobranchs recorded during 
about 28 years of collecting at thJ.s location. 


Voluae 14(5):15. 

The Eighth Intematicnal Malacological Con- 
gress will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 
August 29 to September 3, 1983. Information 
available by v;riting Laszlo Pinte'r, Natural 
History Museum, Baross u. 13? H-1088 Budapest, 

The 1982 meeting of the American Society of 
Zoologists, and American Microscopical Society, 
Animal Behavior Society, International Assoc- 
iation of Astacology, and Society of Systematic 
Zoology will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, from 
December 27 to December 30, 1982. For in- 
formation caitact Mary Wiley, Business Manager, 
American Society of Zoologists, Box 2739, 
California Lutheran College, Thousand Oaks, CA 
9136O. Telephone 805-492-3585- 


Dr. Claude Poizat writes that copies of his 
recent papers are available. Please write to him 

From Ian Loch: "I spent a few weeks on a 
busman's holiday diving in far North Queensland, 
from Lizard Island to Raine Island up near Torres 
Strait, an area I had not collected before. 
Results were mildly disappointing. About 90 lots 
of macro opisthobranchs collected by myself and 
friends, involving just over 40 species in 22 
dives, only 2 of which were new to me, a striking 
Bomella with a mosaic pattern and small humped 
Dsndrodoris which I initially mistook for a 
lamellariid. However, we did find a number of 
additional specimens for some un described 
species of chromodorids previously represented 
by only a few specimens. I had expected to find 
species usually recorded in islands north of 
Australia, but while this was true of some 
prosobranchs, the opisthobranchs were fairly 
quiet. Still, did not see a single aplysiid during 
the whole trip, which must constitute some sort of 

A few subsequent dives around Sydney were 
somewhat anti-climatic when the visibility 
dropped from the up to 100 ft. up north to 5 ft. 

Don & Kathy Cadien are the proud parents of a 
new baby boy. They are to finish a room 
addition to their house in San Pedro. Mary, their 
daughter, is doing fine. 


Please help with citations. I do not receive or 
have access to every publication in the world! 
The Bibliography of Opisthobranchia can only be 
correct and accurate if I have copies of all 
papers and books available to me. 

Please send reprints of papers to me as soon as 
you receive your copies. If you do not get 
reprints, please send me a xerox copy including 
the journal title page. Please be certain that 
volume, issue, pagination, plates, figures, tables, 
and exact publication date are shown on the 

Malacological Publications by Hendrik Ehgel. 

10091 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1925. Westindische 
Opisthobranchiate MoUusken I. Aeolidiadae. 
Dissertatie Univ. Amsterdam, Leiden, pp. 1-48. 

00755 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1925. Westindische 
Opisthobranchiate Mollusken I. Aeolidiadae. 
Bijdr. Dierk., 24:33-80. 

10092 ENGEL, HENDRIK, 1925-1932. Oosthoek's 
Geillustreerde Bncyclopedie. 3e dr., 12 d 

Utrecht, [malacological articles] 

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•vex- fc-Kyit 

Iu2u / lilsubL 
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Fh^UanJifsia P. Fisr^her. 1872. Jouj^p. de Cf^ich,., hebben, waarbij de eerste koningsvisch (Lanipris 
80nQ9-.212' flu, 1-2. ' ' I'^a) "^^n de Europeeache kusten. ZgqL. ffeded. 

' '"* LaedeOc 25*9*-22. 

06305 ENGaL; HENDRIK & HUKMELINCK. WAGENAAR. 102^8 ENr^EL^ HENDHIK'. 1946. On th^ ^^'atJV" 

:, 1936c, lie be r Weatiridische Aplysiidae aid Wer- status of the names fetalilera Gray, 1o47, and 

wandten anclerer Gsbiete. Capita Zool., 8:1-76. Aplysiel la Fisher^ 1872 (class Gastropoda^ order 

Aplysioinorpha). mUl. 200I. SoskhcI., 1:17?. 

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O < 1 z^. ' 

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i-ii V- W '^^.jfc-W i.?t.*.V-^ Li-a_ii^ y V"^-^ '— i i. 1 ij t v.- v-J-iw. J. .- # i4-;At_f U~~^ J. ^^diii 

Ufla.ia.coiogic3.± articissj. 

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Farapiysia Pilsbry, 1895. Zool. Mz., ri6(1/2;:35- schappij^ ' Inaugurele^ " rede"^ 'Lbiversiteit ""^van 
40;fig. 1. , Amsterdam, 6 November, 1950:1-17- Amsterdam, (de 

rrialacologische passages tevens "afgedrukt in 
06308 ENGEL. HENDRIK5 IQSSo-. Some additions to Ver. 37:31^)- 

our taowleds6 of the yenus NotaFchus. Proc. ".-^oi •> r^^rTr- u^f^r-.-jir -i-ru ---^r^ ^ ^ 

Mpi-:?^ ^^o f'f^'i ''?;" K vTt --110- Firmer i_u iudTii i^i^Di^j ni.<j^.-iii,., '^''t!* i^i'^-^posea ^ ■^H^t 

i*^.-^^= -..^>„. !_.i^.^.. ^i^vj.'-i'-. i!^-! -^o-' ■-'^. pension 01 tne rules to retain the names Apiysia 

and 'lethys' as sreneric names in the suborders 

10099 ENGEL. HENDRIK, 19373. The life of Teotibranchia ajid Nudibranchia re-spectively of 
Albertus Seba. ' Sven ska Lmne-Sailsk> Arsskr.. the order OpisthobraDchiata (class GastroDOda), 
10:75-100. Opin. Dselar. Int. C02®. zool. MoaencL 3(19):24h- 


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van De eerste rnalacologische Provot-Fol 1Q5U. MoUusoues oDisthobr.anches. 
vereenifflna? Basteriaj 2:64. Faune de France 58). Corr. bl. Ited, jsalac. Ver., 


10201 FNGEL. HENHRIK. 1Q^8 V^^'^kdle '"en (M^1„ , _ 

T,,^-., i TV,. -1 A r-.'-rsT-.trT-' u 2 L» ' -' • - -i-i Oojll tNGEL, HENDHlK, 19'^7a- t^ the influence 

of preservation on the exten-jal appearance of 
'Decirnens of Aplysia deoilans Linne. Ifeau- 
dierenri.jk. pp. 111-113. Utrecht. fbrtia, 5(66):2il1-243. 

o'?erzieht der levensverschimselen in het 

! U H ; n 

10202 ENGEL. HENDRIK, 1939a. Verslag van de Oo312 hNGaL, HENBRlK, & EALES, N.B., 
werk-aamhedp^!^ " -pn b^t ZoO^osis^'H ?tati^»^ t^ species of Iplysia belonging to the -subgenus 

Napels van 4-^25 Mai 1959. Versi. tew. ¥erg. Wis- ^^^Tna^^i fe^aufortia' ^T^^o VS^iiiTr^-r^c;;' 

en Matuurk. Ifd., Km. 8ed. A^ad. fet., 2^ June, -3- -"-c..— i- ^-aiOxu^., ^_,. ,..,^- , . ., ..,.., 


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kablnetten en dierverzanKlingen. ife Satuur, of the Naturae Curiosi. Bull. Jfes. Coune. Israel, 

io>!o-'"'0'! '"'!■'> inij.,-i io_.i '^1 


10216 ENGEL, HENDRIK, & VAM EEKEN, C.J. j_ 1952. 
Fed Sea Opisthobranchia from the coast of Israel 
inai" Biill. &a Fisn. Res. Stat. HaJ.fa ^0:15- 


VAN REGTEREN. 19^iOb. Alderia modesta (Loven) and 
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brackish waters of the Dutch coast. Basteria, 

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vraardige variant vaxi Easter's Natuurkundige 

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' Dclatella. Eo5l' teded. ' l^ideo.. 2i*:1Q7-2'^Qr 
figs- 1-lfc. 



ftugust, 1982 
\folume 14, 
^usber 6 
Pai?s 17 

than ray previous system. The usual problems are 
agaiji here — leaiTiing how tc sake it do what we 
want it to do. 

This system has all of the capabilities of my 
last system from Matchmaker Technology, Lnc. plus 
a 10 isegabj'ta hard disk and three terminals for 
si.TiUltaneoua multiple users. It is compatible 
with the systeaj used at the Los Angeles County 
Muse^^ of i-latural History and any system using 
CP/M-^-'' operating system. 

I also have a small new diazo duplicator to 
allow copying of entire sicrofiche in house. 
This, along with the r-^ader /printer and 
camera/processors I already have, will allow 
GOBplete storage and retrieval of Opisthobranch 
literature with film. 

Please bear with me. I have one problem with 
the new computer system. It will not print out 
from the current word processor to paper so I 
have to convert everything to a new system. This 
is causing some delay in the production of the ON 
issues. CofHputers are wcnderful devices but 
learning how to make them do what you want to do 
can be a problem. I will try to get out the current 
issues of the CM with the eld systen) before I give 
it up. 

« a « « s 

These are the most current addresses available 

to 026 for each 


Flease send 

'Orrections and additions as soon as cossible. 

Abbott, Dr. R. Tucker 
2208 S, Colonial Drive 
^felboume, FL 32901 

Ajeska, Richard 
27 Santa Barbara 

tftiiversity of California 
Anderson, Shane 
Biological Sciences 1016 
Santa Barbara, CA 93^06 

t^ NAT, HIST. -^^ 

2 5 AUG 1982 

"^ o 


Tbordlsa rebescens Behrena 4 Henderson, 198I 
Drawing by Dave Behrens . 

Andrews, Larry 

m7n7 _ 1.7th ?^/ 

be a 

LS , 'tih 9 '5 i D b 

The Opisthobraneh Ifewslett^r is published by 
St-even J. Long. 359 Roycroft Ave, Long Beach, 
CaliTomia 90814, USA. Telephone 213-^33-71^8 
(nressage recorder) or 439-2028. Subscription 
rates are $15-00 per calendar year for 
individuals and $17.50 r>er calendar year for 
Institutions. The Opisthobranch fewsletter is 

issuea :m parts at 

irregular intervals. 

Lid ra nan 
P.O. Box A-285 
Sydney South, NSW 
Australia 2000 

Baba, Dr. Kikutar'b 
Shigigaoka 35? Mlnajsi 
Sango-C'ho, Ikosa-giin 
Nara-ken Japan, 636 


For the fourth tirae since 1979, I have changed 
compute.r systems. Bobbie and I have purchased 
an Al.pha-Micro system with such mor-e capacity 

Eacescu, Prof. Dr, N, 
Museul de Istorie Naturala 
1, Kd..sselef 
Rep. Sec. Rumania